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Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about my experience of living in Norway. I will get back to you (eventually… I don’t check my emails as often as I should) with as much information as I can provide.

However, remember that I am not an emigration service… so please don’t ask me “give me a visa”, “how do I move to Norway from Russia…”, “you help me move to Norway”, “you get me a job in Norway” or anything similar as I CAN’T HELP YOU WITH THAT! (you might get a sense from this paragraph that over the years, I have had quite a lot of these requests).

If you are going to move to Norway and have any fears/concerns or reasonable questions, then of course I will tell you how I dealt with them and I am happy to say that in the past I have had people unsure of what will be waiting for them when they move over and I have put their minds at ease.

So, please fill out the form below (no spam please) and your email will magically ping across to me and I will do my best to reply asap… thanks

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