We offer you 2 options to advertise on this website, should you wish to promote your business, website, blog etc. This site receives thousands of views from people across the world and in 2012, we had a visit from almost every country in the World! (unless Google Analytics is lying to me).

There is of course a small fee involved (it does take me a little while to do you know) and for the privilege of appearing on this website and to the thousands of visitors per month. The charge is £25 GBP per year, for either a 150px by 150px banner advert, like the banners already in the side bar, or you can use then same space to add text and a link. Payment is required via Paypal.

Either way, your advertising will appear on every page of this site, in the right hand column. So will be seen by all.

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The other advertising alternative is for a link exchange between our websites, where your link will appear on the Link Directory page. However, for this your website must have been reasonably constructed and not something Google will follow to this site and destroy me… so all linking sites will be checked for quality before being accepted. I will also not accept any websites of a distasteful nature, so please do me a favour and don’t send them to me if that’s the case… cheers.

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If this form does not work, please send an email to via your own email client. Then proceed to to complete your payment of £25 using the payment email address of Many thanks!

Once this is all done, your banner/text/link will magically appear on this website for a year and I will notify you when it is due for renewal.