Thinking Of Emigrating To Norway?

me in norwayHi, my name is Jon O’Connell and I am an Englishman born and bred. I had the privilege of living in Norway for a couple of years so decided to put my web design skills to work and create a website to share with you all my experiences of that superb time to hopefully provide you with some useful information, should you want to emigrate to Norway, or just go there for a visit.

Throughout the site I will be talking about a wide range of topics using my own frank personal view of Norway, so if I offend anyone with what I say or perhaps I get something wrong, then please let me know and I will try and do something about it, otherwise please read my Disclaimer. Remember, these are just my own experiences of living in Norway.

I am not biased towards Norway in any way (although I may sound like it at times) and do not work for any promotional company or anything related, so this is just my humble opinion of what I experienced during my time there after I moved from the UK in the early 2000’s.

Norwegian Misconceptions

When talking with friends or family in the UK about Norway, before I experienced it in the flesh, people would say:

polar bear

“its a frozen arctic wasteland all year round isn’t it?”; 
“don’t they have polar bears and penguins roaming the streets?”; 
“I thought they live in Igloos?”;
“erm, they have fjords… whatever they are!”;
“…isn’t it good, norwegian wood…”
“don’t they talk like the Swedish Chef from the Muppets?”. 

There are many preconceptions and stereotypes of Norway and the Norwegian people and to be honest I also thought that Norway was covered in ice and snow all year round, as all we are taught in school and in the media is of its “harsh Winter”.

This gives the wrong impression of the country and it’s people, so my aim is to dispel these misconceptions/myths by explaining what I experienced, living there for a couple of years.

My Experience

I am no “travel writer” or expert guide to Norwegian emigration, but what I can do is relay some of my experiences and feelings when I moved out to the country, to hopefully help you, should you also be thinking about doing the same.

From eating strange food, fishing high in the snow covered mountain lakes, trying to find a job in Norway, learning the language, adapting to the climate, feeling lonely and isolated, meeting strange new people, seeing the Northern lights… I experienced a lot in my few years out there…

I still have so much more to experience in the country and every time the plane lands in Gardermoen, I feel like I have come home.

But my time living out there is over, so all I can do is help anyone else who is now in the same position as I was over 12 years ago.

So, I hope you find the information in this website interesting and hopefully answers some of the questions you may have about the Kingdom Of Norway and of course, I am at the other end of an email, should you want to get in touch with me.

Tusen Takk, Jon.